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The Simpsons: Womens Marge Foam Wig

The Simpsons: Womens Marge Foam Wig

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The Simpsons: Womens Marge Foam Wig
She”s one of the most recognizable women in the world, in spite of the fact that she”s an animated character on a long-running television series. You can take her into the real world when you wear The Simpsons: Women”s Marge Foam Wig that captures the feel of that giant hairdo we all know and love. Marge, of course, is the wife of Homer Simpson and mother to Lisa, Maggie and Bart. She”s the glue that holds the family together, the veritable rock against the storms that the world throws their way.

  • Includes: One tall foam blue Marge headpiece
  • Does not include: Necklace or costume
  • Material: Foam
  • This is an officially licensed Simpsons product

Long suffering and lovable

She”s tolerant of Homer and his antics to a point well beyond what most of us would be able to stand, because she”s able to see the good in him, in spite of his more than obvious flaws. Marge is also the force keeping her daughter Lisa, and especially her son Bart, from getting into too much trouble. She makes sure they all eat and clean up themselves once in a while because we all know that without Marge, chaos would ensue.

The wild side of Marge

She”s not always just taking care of the family, Marge has worked outside the home in several jobs, including police officer and real estate agent. She”s been a wild girl too, getting arrested for shoplifting, cheating on a cooking competition and being in a police chase. You can be the mild or wild Marge at your Halloween party!

The Simpsons: Womens Marge Foam Wig Details:

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