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The Simpsons: Lisa Foam Wig For Women

The Simpsons: Lisa Foam Wig For Women

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The Simpsons: Lisa Foam Wig For Women
Lisa Simpson is smart, funny and passionate – qualities that every Simpsons viewer would love to have. She is also very stylish for a second grader; her standard outfit includes a chic strapless dress and an elegant strand of pearls. The elementary school genius compliments this cute look with an intriguing yellow hairdo that features several spikes. This unusual hairstyle is the chagrin of some animators, who believe that Lisa is the hardest Simpsons character to draw. Fortunately for you, she”s not the hardest character to dress up as. If you have The Simpsons: Lisa Foam Wig For Women, it will be easy for other fans of the show to determine your animated identity.

  • Includes: The Simpsons: Lisa Foam Wig For Women includes one large yellow foam wig.
  • Does not include: jewelry or costume.
  • Material: Foam.
  • This is an officially licensed Simpsons product.

Dress up as the Simpsons” cleverest character!

As the most intellectual member of the Simpson family, Lisa is constantly forced to deal with the inane and often embarrassing antics of Homer, Marge and Bart. The only relief she can find from the stupidity of her family members is in her saxophone, which she practices whenever she gets the chance. Lisa fans often can commiserate with the pain and frustration of feeling like an outsider. If you can relate to Lisa”s plight, feel free to dress up as the beloved Simpsons character. In addition to a cute dress and pearls, you”ll need The Simpsons: Lisa Foam Wig For Women, which offers a very accurate three-dimensional portrayal of Lisa”s memorably spiked hairdo.

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