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The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Adults

The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Adults

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The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Adults
Selma Bouvier may not be the most attractive of the characters on the beloved television show, The Simpsons, but with a slight makeover, this chain-smoking gal can turn just as many heads as her blue-haired sister, Marge. If you”re on the hunt for a Simpsons look that is not overdone, you are the perfect candidate for The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Adults. This silly costume features a massive wig and yellow leggings the color of Simpsons characters” skin, as well as Selma”s iconic blue dress. Be sure to get one of your friends to dress up as Selma”s twin sister Patty. This dynamic duo is always better when the two sisters are together!

  • Includes: Wig, dress, necklace, and leggings.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Simpsons costume.

Introducing Selma, the smoking hot twin

This Selma costume features all of the details necessary to convince the biggest Simpsons fan that you know a thing or two about one of the show”s most notorious chain smokers. Selma nearly always wears a blue sleeveless dress, accompanied by a pink necklace. In addition to these essential costume pieces, the ensemble features a huge purple wig, perfectly mimicking Selma”s enormous hair. The characters from the Simpsons have yellow skin, a look that you can imitate with the help of the Selma costume”s yellow leggings. Once you”ve donned this costume, all you need is a pack of cigarettes and a hacking cough.

The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Adults Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme TV Movie Characters

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