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The Hulk Candy Bowl and Holder

The Hulk Candy Bowl and Holder

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The Hulk Candy Bowl and Holder
He may look angry, but we promise this The Hulk Candy Bowl and Holder just wants to serve you up some delicious treats. Fill his bowl with candy, chips, or some other tasty finger food, and he”ll patiently dole them out to your adoring guests.

  • Includes: The Hulk Candy Bowl and Holder includes one character candy bowl holder and plastic bowl.
  • Does not include: candy.
  • Material: plastic
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product.
  • Figure measures approximately 10″L x 11″W x 20″H. Plastic bowl measures approximately 10″ in diameter.

Hulk smash!

The Hulk started out his life as Dr. Bruce Banner, but an accident exposed him to mysterious gamma radiation and turned him into one of Marvel”s most iconic superheroes. Now, when he becomes too angry, Dr. Banner becomes the Hulk — a freakishly-muscled, green-skinned, superhumanly strong monster with an attitude problem. With his massive fists and bulging muscles, he”s ready to lift or punch his way out of any problem.

It”s not easy being green

Holding all those treats is a Herculean task, but thankfully the Hulk is up to it. If you”re going to be out on Halloween, set this cute bowl-holder by your door with a note, and he”ll hand out candy to your neighborhood”s kids. Set him up at a party — themed or otherwise — and he”ll serve up chips, peanuts, or any other treats, while doubling as a conversation piece. In a piece, he”ll even hold anything else, ranging from house keys to change. He”s not a picky guy.

The Hulk Candy Bowl and Holder Details:

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