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Teddy Bear Costume For Toddlers

Teddy Bear Costume For Toddlers

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Teddy Bear Costume For Toddlers
All little toddlers love their teddy bears, and even many adults still have fond memories of the childhood toy that kept them company. Now your toddler can take delight in being a real teddy bear with the Teddy Bear Costume For Toddlers, which comes complete with fuzzy ears, adorable teddy bear feet, and a full bear body that completes the transformation!

  • Includes: A plush fur body, character hood, and shoe covers.
  • Does not include: Shirt or tights.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

An iconic symbol of childhood come to life

People can”t help but stop and take the time to admire the cuteness and innocence that a teddy bear represents whenever they see one perched on a shelf in a store or sitting comfortably on a bed. Everyone will certainly admire your cute little teddy bear as well, and no doubt they”ll be jealous that this little bundle of furry joy and warmth is all yours!

As sweet as honey and as furry as a real bear

The Teddy Bear Costume For Toddlers is the perfect Halloween costume for little cubs who love their own teddy bears. It is also an ideal accompaniment for two adult bear costumes, should you desire to appear together in costume as the Three Bears! Now that”s an idea that”s sure to garner a lot of attention and have the town talking about your fantastic bear family for quite some time! And if you”ve got a Goldilocks to throw into the mix, you”ll have a costume combination that simply can”t be beat!

Teddy Bear Costume For Toddlers Details:

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