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Tattoo Makeup Kit - Frozen Snowflakes

Tattoo Makeup Kit – Frozen Snowflakes

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Tattoo Makeup Kit – Frozen Snowflakes
The Tattoo Makeup Kit – Frozen Snowflakes allows you to create a uniquely wintry look either for yourself or for your young trick-or-treater. The temporary tattoos can bring a hint of icy crystal to your ice queen costume, or you can apply as many as you want for a full frozen effect.

  • Includes: The Tattoo Makeup Kit – Frozen Snowflakes includes a sheet of temporary tattoos, two sponges and three colors.
  • Material: Hydrogenated Coco-glycerides, Parrafin, PolyethylenePetrolatum Octil palmitate BHT.

Bewitchingly beautiful

There is something elegant and mysterious about a snowflake. Each one is unique, and you want to capture their ephemeral quality. You can apply the temporary tattoos directly to the skin with just a light dusting of blue powder to make them shine, or you can add an intricate design in one of the kit”s three colors to create an even more enchanted appearance. How ornate the design becomes is entirely up to you!

An enthralling new you

You would not expect something that looks this delicate to make you feel so regally confident, but there is no denying that as the finishing touches are applied, you will feel transformed. Whether you are embracing the “Winter Wonderland” theme for the evening”s soiree, going to a Halloween bash as an ice queen, or taking your Frozen character to the next level, you will find yourself being noticed. The look is charmingly captivating. Do not be surprised if people ask you for tips about how infuse their own looks with a little bit of your icy magic.

Tattoo Makeup Kit – Frozen Snowflakes Details:

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