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Tarantula Kids Hoodie

Tarantula Kids Hoodie

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Tarantula Kids Hoodie
Why settle for just two legs when you could have ten? When your child wears the Tarantula Kids Hoodie, he or she will have the eight legs of an arachnid, plus two human legs for getting around. These extra legs are every bit as fuzzy as those of a typical tarantula, as is the rest of this mutant spider”s body. For a true fright, have your little tarantula target a victim by walking up with those eight legs outstretched, in search of a hug. After receiving a huge from a cute (yet terrifying) tarantula, you will never want to return to ordinary embraces.

  • Includes: Pull over hoodie with faux black and brown fur creating the ultimate tarantula look.
  • Does not include: Pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Create a web of fear with this creepy tarantula costume

This Halloween, it”s all about the creepy and the crawly. Even the most steadfast individual can be frightened by a big spider, especially one covered in so much hair! The vast majority of real-life tarantulas are, in fact, not dangerous for humans, as evidenced by the growing number of individuals who have them as pets. However, when encountering a giant tarantula costume, the average person will be, at minimum, startled. Some scaredy-cats are more frightened of arachnids than others, so if your little tarantula gets down and crawls with those extra eight legs trailing on the ground, he or she just might elicit a few screams!

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