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Take Charge Marge Womens Captain Costume

Take Charge Marge Womens Captain Costume

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Take Charge Marge Womens Captain Costume
Being drafted or recruited to the military has never been as fun as it will be when wearing the Take Charge Marge Women”s Captain Costume. You won”t have any problem getting men to stand at attention or voluntarily submit to random bed checks when you don this outfit!

  • Includes: A military style navy blue dress with authentic looking patches, gold military buttons and combat ribbons, a hat, commendation medal, and belt.
  • Does not include: Gloves, cigar, jewelry, or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester

The best military recruiting tool in existence!

Any military recruiter looking for a leg up for their branch or platoon will utilize you when you are wearing this sultry outfit. Not only will jaws of all ages drop upon seeing you saunter into the room in this sensuous and revealing outfit, but men will be throwing each other aside so you can be their superior officer. The “Uncle Sam Wants You!” posters will no longer be the most effective way to attract men to enlist and serve their country–a vision of you will make men go all over the world to protect their country at the wave of your finger.

Inspire unadulterated loyalty!

You won”t have any problems convincing people to go down with the ship when you”re their sexy military captain. In fact, you might have to worry about them sabotaging the ship in an attempt to spend more time with you! Either way, your presence in this dashing outfit will engender blindly devoted loyalty. You”ll be able to instruct men to fulfill any order you want, from getting you a drink to giving you a foot massage, as no one would dare to question the judgment and desires of their ravishing superior officer!

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