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Super Size Mask For Adults

Super Size Mask For Adults

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Super Size Mask For Adults
The Super Size Mask For Adults is an excellent accessory for letting your inner overweight guy come out and take over as the life of the party. Whether you want to emulate your favorite big guy or just want to try out a new identity for a while, this mask is the way to go. People might not recognize you, but they”ll definitely recognize a riotous good time.

  • Includes: One half rubber mask that hangs off the ears.
  • Material: 100% PVC.
  • Care instructions: Spot clean.

Bring your jovial, wisecracking self out for a night on the town

Bring out a more fun loving alter ego at the next costume party or Halloween outing. Use this as your chance to slip into the shoes of any one of the famous “big guys” from the entertainment world that we”ve known and loved throughout the years. John Candy, Chris Farley, John Goodman and Kevin James are just a few of your options. Oh, there”s also John Popper, the harmonica player from Blues Traveler before his gastric bypass surgery. The possibilities are endless!

Let yourself go and enjoy the good life

With the right accessories, this mask can transform you. Consider wearing a loud shirt, a muu muu or a kilt. Be as wacky as you like! Costume parties and Halloween events are your chances to take a break from who you really are, and this mask not only does that for you, it does it in a big way.

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