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Super Mario: Mario Tween Costume With Skirt

Super Mario: Mario Tween Costume With Skirt

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Super Mario: Mario Tween Costume With Skirt
The world of Super Mario won”t be the same after you take on the role of the main man in this Super Mario: Mario Tween Costume With Skirt. You own this character, wearing this outfit with charm, grace and more than a little humor. Mario was never quite as super as he is when you hold that stick mustache up to your lip and slip into the role. On the plus side, the mustache goes away when you take down the stick, leaving no need to worry about trimming it like a real one.

  • Includes: A jumper style dress, hat, gloves and a mustache on a stick.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario Bros costume.

Keep the spirit alive

The first Super Mario Bros game first came on the scene in 1985 as a platform extension of the Mario Bros game from 1983. Needless to say, it”s been a part of electronic gaming essentially since the genre came into being. You get to be part of that heritage with this costume, enjoying something that a generation before you experienced too. Long Live Mario!

Here she comes to save the world!

Well, the Super Mario world, anyway. Yours is a task of constant pursuit because on one hand, you are racing to rescue those in need while on the other, trying to escape those who mean you harm. The trick is to do the first while surviving the second, isn”t it?

Super Mario: Mario Tween Costume With Skirt Details:

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Theme TV Movie Characters

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