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Super Mario Bros: Girls Toad Costume For Tweens

Super Mario Bros: Girls Toad Costume For Tweens

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Super Mario Bros: Girls Toad Costume For Tweens
Toad is the stalwart attendant to Princess Peach, ready to answer her beck and call anytime. You can take the charming Toad character and make it your own when you put on the Super Mario Bros: Girls Toad Costume For Tweens. Become one of the cute little mushroom headed people who sometimes venture with Mario to help fight those who wish the kingdom harm. You”re an essential part of the game, even if you don”t get top billing!

  • Includes: A dress, vest and hat.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario Bros costume.

Character, or species?

You can decide to forego playing the part of Toad the protector and attendant and instead be one of the entire species by the same name. Populating the Mushroom Kingdom, they live in cities and towers, peacefully going about their daily lives. Some serve the royal court as guards or in castle service. What”s great about this costume is that it”s entirely up to you which Toad you want to be. Serve the princess directly, or serve the kingdom?

Give Mario and Luigi an assist when they need it

Toad isn”t afraid to help the guys on various adventures throughout the Super Mario universe. This Halloween, you can see your Toad hit the road with them, trying your very best to help them outwit the minions of doom who ply the various levels of the game. Go forth on conquer, fair mushroom maiden!

Super Mario Bros: Girls Toad Costume For Tweens Details:

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