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Super Mario Bros: Adult Red Mushroom Hat

Super Mario Bros: Adult Red Mushroom Hat

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Super Mario Bros: Adult Red Mushroom Hat
You were obsessed with Super Mario Bros. when you were a kid, weren”t you? You played it every afternoon, well into the evenings, and maybe even pulled a couple all-nighters. When planning your Halloween costume for this year, nostalgia is always a big winner. What better way to honor your childhood obsession than by channeling Toad with this Super Mario Bros: Adult Red Mushroom Hat?

  • Includes: One red-spotted hat.
  • Does not include: Red shirt.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario product.

A helper in the castle

Slip on the Red Mushroom Hat. Before your very eyes, you”ll be transformed into the humble protector of the Mushroom Kingdom and loyal attendant to Princess Peach. Whether you are preparing to await the arrival of Mario and Luigi and provide them the necessary clues to success, or if you are cautiously setting out on your own journey, the night is right for adventure. You never know whom you”ll have to remove from Wario”s Woods or save from pesky ghosts!

An easy transition

Ideal for kids” parties, Halloween festivities, and trips to Comic-Con, this Toad costume immediately calls to mind the beloved character from the Super Mario franchise. You can make a solo appearance, or have your friends embody other characters from the universe, such as Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach. This look also fits in with your incredibly busy lifestyle because it”s easy to slip on and off, will not interfere with your dance moves, and is simple to change into for celebrations right after work. Let the games begin!

Super Mario Bros: Adult Red Mushroom Hat Details:

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