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Star Wars Episode 7 - Rey Adult Eye Mask with Hood

Star Wars Episode 7 – Rey Adult Eye Mask with Hood

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Star Wars Episode 7 – Rey Adult Eye Mask with Hood
On a desert planet, in a faraway galaxy, a shining piece of white glints brightly against the backdrop of endless amber dunes. A ramshackle speeder bike approaches, and with its engines whining to a halt, its rider bends down to examine a cracked and broken Stormtrooper helmet, lying half-buried in the sand. Most of the antiquated armor is beyond repair, but the lenses and a few other odds and ends can be salvaged — along with some cloth, they’ll make a great new piece of gear indeed. After all, a fallen Stormtrooper’s trash is a desert scavenger’s treasure.

New characters, instant classics.

Making her debut in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Rey is one of the newest heroines in the iconic series. She’s a crafty and cunning scavenger, and the cunning and resourcefulness she has learned growing up also makes her one of the strongest Star Wars characters. Fans of all ages are making sure that her look is also the most popular Star Wars Halloween costume ever, too.

  • This is an officially licensed Star Wars product

The scavenger’s solution to beat sun and sand.

Rey made her mask and hood from pieces she found, instead of going to a peddler at the bazaar, but you can get your hands on an official Star Wars Rey mask right here on BuyCostumes.com.
Rey’s mask consists of a white cloth hood, wrapped around her head and neck like a shemagh, and a visor with two transparent lenses studded into place. It’s the perfect defense versus swirling sands and whirling winds, whether she’s speeding through the sandstorms of Jakku on her trusty bike, or riding into battle against the Knights of Ren and the First Order. For you, it’s the perfect accessory to complete your Rey costume this Halloween.

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