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Star Wars Episode 7 - Boys Flametrooper Half Helmet

Star Wars Episode 7 – Boys Flametrooper Half Helmet

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Star Wars Episode 7 – Boys Flametrooper Half Helmet
The Flametroopers in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens are a dream come true for every boy who ever loved Star Wars. I mean, they’re similar to the classic Stormtroopers, except flames and fire are involved, so they’re hot in the sense of being wildly popular, but also they literally have a higher temperature than most of the other movie characters in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars galaxy. That’s why we expect this officially licensed Flame Trooper helmet to fly off the shelves faster than the Millennium Falcon.

The Force awakened and found this helmet

What movie fan doesn’t want to use the Force to find the perfect Star Wars costume to wear when he’s watching and rewatching Episode VII again and again? What boy – or boy at heart – doesn’t get a lump in his throat during the opening notes of composer John Williams’ famous Star Wars theme? What young Jedi in training doesn’t at least consider turning to the dark side every once in a while, especially if such a cool accessory like this Force Awakens helmet is involved?

  • This is an officially licensed Star Wars product

Official, authentic Star Wars style

We here at BuyCostumes.com can’t stress enough that this is an official Flametrooper helmet, with a guarantee of authentic style and long-lasting quality. In conclusion, if your son, brother, nephew or any other young boy loves Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, and the other Sith Lords from the entire Star Wars film franchise – and if he’s beyond excited to see The Force Awakens – then he will absolutely adore wearing this helmet on Halloween and every other day of the year, for years to come.

Star Wars Episode 7 – Boys Flametrooper Half Helmet Details:

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