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Spider-Girl Costume For Adults

Spider-Girl Costume For Adults

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Spider-Girl Costume For Adults
The Spider-Girl Costume For Adults brings the legendary daughter of Spider-Man to life. Slip on the feminine red and blue jumpsuit laced with her signature spider logo as you get tangled up in the comic book world of May Parker. Silver arm gauntlets and a red, webbed eye mask complete your sleek and agile look. To get in character, move with the agility of Spider-Girl and hold your arms outstretched, so you”re ready to shoot webs at a moment”s notice.

  • Includes: the Spider-Girl Costume For Adults includes jumpsuit, gauntlets and eye mask.
  • Does not include: shoes.
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Tune into your Spidey sense

It often seems your Spidey sense is stronger than Spider-Man”s, and you will definitely sense stylish success in this happening hero ensemble. Crawl into a costume party, Halloween party or pop culture convention as Spider-Girl and you”ll find yourself surrounded by fans and impressed onlookers. Soon enough, your stylish and attractive spider wear will feel like a second skin.

All in the family

You inherited impressive superpowers from Spider-Man, so you know the value of having other superheroes around to help out and aid the crime fighting fun. Don”t rely solely on your web shoots or stingers, gather up some pals to accompany you as the Green Goblin, Darkdevil, Spider-Man and more of the Marvel gang. Then get ready for a night of crime-fighting or costume contest winning; whichever you prefer.

Spider-Girl Costume For Adults Details:

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Theme TV Movie Characters

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