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Solid Blue Cape

Solid Blue Cape

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Solid Blue Cape
This Solid Blue Cape is short, sassy and ready to complete your ensemble for Halloween fun, costume parties or fantasy play any night of the year. There”s no limit to the number of cool heroines or villains you can dream up with this versatile prop. Shiny and bright, it will give your costume the flair it needs to command attention in any venue. There”s a reason blue is so many people”s favorite color.

  • Includes: One blue short cape.
  • Does not include: Costume or shoes.
  • One size fits most adults.
  • Care instructions: Hand wash.

Paint the town blue

A cape this awesome deserves the works. Toss in some hair art and bold colors to paint yourself as a visual feast. You can make that versatile shade of blue work well for whatever mood you”re trying to set. Drape it over black to give yourself a subtle, mysterious aura. Or go wild with an explosion of neons for a truly eye-popping display.

Up and away

With a cape like this, the last thing you want to do is keep your feet on the ground. After all, everyone knows there”s no point in being able to fly unless you have a cool-looking cape flapping oh so dramatically behind you. Pair it with colored leggings and a sheer bodysuit, and use face paint and makeup to cast yourself as an alien, a comic book superhero or a dangerous villain. Add in knee-high boots, a structured bodice and an arsenal of otherworldly weapons for the winning entry in any costume contest in town.

Solid Blue Cape Details:

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