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Snow Monster Costume For Kids

Snow Monster Costume For Kids

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Snow Monster Costume For Kids
What young child hasn”t imagined themselves as a ferocious monster, happily rampaging throughout the neighborhood and terrorizing its residents? With this classic Snow Monster Costume For Kids, your child will really get to be a monster, and not just any monster, but one of the most recognized and feared monsters of all time–the Abominable Snow Monster!

  • Includes: A plush fur body, character head and shoe covers
  • Does not include: Shirt or tights
  • Material: 100% polyester

So scary yet so lovable!

Who doesn”t love seeing the snow monster every winter when Christmas specials air on television? Now you can see the snow monster in the fall too, because he”s come down from his cold ice cave from far up North and is ready to see what the fuss regarding Halloween is all about. He knows that there is plenty of candy out there to be had, and he”s got a sweet tooth (a bunch of them, really). With this impressive monster costume, your child is sure to be ready to frighten some treats out of everybody!

A classic costume that delivers classic memories!

When wearing the Snow Monster Costume For Kids, your child will be creating magical memories for you, just like those that were created when you were young, watching the snow monster on television so many years ago. It”s a wonderful costume that really stands out, with a comfortable plush body, monster head with eyes and teeth, and of course big monster feet for stomping around in.

Snow Monster Costume For Kids Details:

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Theme TV Movie Characters

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