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Shepherd Staff

Shepherd Staff

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Shepherd Staff
Whether you are dressing as a nativity shepherd for the annual Christmas pageant or as Little Bo Peep to trick or treat around the neighborhood, this Shepherd Staff is an absolute must-have. Heck, you can use it to accessorize virtually any costume. The lightweight, textured brown PVC has the realistic, aged look of ancient wood and is guaranteed not to give you painful splinters. Just the thing to guide your flock of sheep to the nearest costume event.

  • Includes: One shepherd staff that measures approximately 27.25-in in length.
  • Material: 100% PVC.
  • Care instructions: Spot clean.

You have a staff and you”re not afraid to use it

No one needs to know that you”re actually just using this shepherd”s staff to prop yourself up. Just tell them, “No, this is NOT a cane. It”s a shepherd”s hook!” Canes are for old guys. Shepherd staffs are for masters of the neighborhood flock. And of course, it”s ideally proportioned for those occasions when you need to reach out and drag bad performers off the stage.

One staff, myriad uses

Experiment with different ways to get your money”s worth from this staff. Try sticking it into the ground to make a stand for hanging spooky Halloween decorations or Christmas lights. Or train yourself to be the neighborhood expert at getting cats out of trees. And as a plus, it makes an excellent back scratcher. Yes, officially it”s a shepherd staff. But who says you need to stick with what”s official?

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