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Running Bull Adult Wig

Running Bull Adult Wig

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Running Bull Adult Wig
While everyone else dresses up like doctors and lawyers, you can be the bravest Indian chief at the party in this Running Bull Adult Wig. You have no need for reservations wearing this costume — just put up your hand and make friends along the way. Offer up the peace pipe whenever someone makes a bad casino joke. This wig gives you the look, you just need to play the part.

  • Running Bull is a friend, not an enemy so let everyone know you want peace in the world.
  • Use the Running Bull Adult Wig to look the part at the next pow-wow.
  • This long black wig comes with a headband and attached feather and can be styled to suit your own tribal chief.
  • Includes: wig.
  • Does not include: costume or accessories.

Bring your friends along and play Cowboys and Indians. Whoop it up and put on a show, but make sure to shake hands in the end.

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