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Roswell Alien Mask

Roswell Alien Mask

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Roswell Alien Mask
It”s been almost twenty years since The X-Files first premiered and aliens are still as creepy and as distressing as they were back then. Is it any wonder why, then, that the Roswell Alien Mask is completely and utterly horrific? Aliens never want to be our friends, theyÕre only ever looking to conquer our planet or steal our water or experiment on us. And if they do “Come in peace,” it”s just some roundabout scheme to devour our precious mitochondria. Well, let me tell you something Mr. Roswell Alien Mask, I like my mitochondria. I like my cells having chemical energy. I think thatÕs something we can all get on board with.

The Roswell Alien Mask is a full mask in the style of a grey alien from The X-Files or any number of other sci-fi/horror films and TV shows.

Roswell Alien Mask Details:

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Theme Horror Masks and Wigs

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