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Rosalie the Robot Kids Costume

Rosalie the Robot Kids Costume

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Rosalie the Robot Kids Costume
Robots are in these days, and if you want your kid to have one of the most creative costumes at any event, choose the Rosalie the Robot Kids Costume. You”ll be dressing your little one as a robot from head to toe; some might even think she”s a real robot! Many incorrectly think that robots are a boys” game, but not with Rosalie. This darling little getup has pink, girly accents, so your little girl can be free to love science fiction, robots and machines, but also feel like she can be her true girly self.

  • Includes: The Rosalie the Robot Kids Costume includes body, hood, arm warmers and leg warmers.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

Robot revelry

Robots are one of the most beloved figures in science fiction, especially in children”s stories. Dress your little girl in this costume and she can become any of the beloved classic robots from pop culture. Maybe you”ll want your little one to be Rosie, the famous robot from the popular cartoon, The Jetsons, or maybe you”ll want her to be the ultimate robot, Megatron, from the Transformers. Whether your little girl wants to go scary or soft-hearted, her little robot costume will give her the chance. Everyone will be delighted to see a realistic-looking robot in the room and she will have fun being the star of the party. To finish off the costume, give her some silver or grey shoes to make her look like a complete robot from head to toe. Then, teach her some robot sayings, like, “I”ll be back,” “Hello, Mr. J” or simply “Beep bop boop!”

Rosalie the Robot Kids Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Scifi

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