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Ride A Camel Costume for Adults

Ride A Camel Costume for Adults

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Ride A Camel Costume for Adults
The Ride A Camel Costume for Adults sets you up to ride off majestically into the sunset accompanied by shrieks of laughter! It”s a jungle, err, desert out there. It”s a good thing this beast of burden can take the heat. The real question is, can you take the heat? When you step into this stuffed animal, prepare to be poked, pushed and prodded as your fellow partygoers wonder if their eyes have deceived them. When the Sahara beckons and you want to ride into the party like a king, this is the costume for you!

  • Includes: the Ride A Camel Costume for Adults includes a stuffed camel with attached legs and sandals.
  • Does not include: robe or headpiece.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • One size fits most adults.

Settle in for a long ride!

As America”s royalty, Jackie Kennedy, once proclaimed, “A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane.” Slow and steady wins the race! This costume gives you license to saunter across the room at your leisure, scooping up the prince, princess or the overflowing buffet table. Why sprint when you can crawl? You”re are fully in character; taking your time. Creative soul? There may be plenty of cowboys and horses at your gathering, but it”s a safe bet you”ll be the only desert ungulate in the crowd! That”s the mark of a great costume – one that turns heads or makes people scratch their heads! In this getup, you”ll accomplish both!

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