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Red, White & Blue Tutu For Women

Red, White & Blue Tutu For Women

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Red, White & Blue Tutu For Women
If you think tutus are only for ballerinas, think again. Whether it”s Halloween, the Fourth of July or some other special occasion, you”re sure to love this Red, White & Blue Tutu For Women. It has lots of sheer layers that go from red to white to blue. Dress up any outfit for a range of fun festivities or make it a sexy costume to wear to parties with a pair of heels.

Includes: A red, white and blue tutu to compliment a variety of costumes or to celebrate the fourth of July.

Does not include: Shoes or tights.

Material: 100% polyester.

Versatility for many fun looks!

Tutus are great because the serve so many purposes. You can throw one on before attending a sporting event or you can dress up like a prima donna for Halloween. This accessory is so versatile that the limits are only left up to your imagination. From different tops and shoes to a myriad of accessories, you can change your look from season to season.

Tutus aren”t just for little girls!

Tutus have become popular with parents of little girls, but these flexible skirts look great on women, too. Be creative and find ways to live in the world of a ballet dancer, cheerleader, princess or other character. When you wear this tutu with all of the layers jutting out, you can whirl and twirl like there”s no tomorrow. Whether paired with ballet slippers or high heels, you can have fun playing around with all of the possibilities.

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