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Red Nail Polish & Lip Stick

Red Nail Polish & Lip Stick

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Red Nail Polish & Lip Stick
When dressing up as your favorite vixen, don”t forget this Red Nail Polish and Lip Stick set to complete the look. Whether you want to dress up like a sultry vampire, a virtuous Madonna or a flashy lady of the night, this combo is the perfect addition to your costume.

  • Includes: The Red Nail Polish & Lip Stick includes a red lipstick and .31 oz. of red nail polish.

  • Material: Nail Polish, Lip Stick.

Enhance your natural beauty

Make-up has been used to enhance a person”s natural beauty for thousands of years. You might even wear make-up every day for school or work or for a night on the town. But when you dress up as your favorite character, you need make-up that will not only enhance your looks, but also add glamour and flash to your costume. This lip stick and nail polish combo is designed to do just that!

Show off your sassy side

Red is bold color. It brings to mind visions of a blood thirsty vampire or a stunning lady of the night, and sometimes even a sweet and virtuous Madonna. The nail polish won”t damage your manicure and when the party is over, you can easily peel it right off your nails. You can add these fun and sassy accessories to any costume and you never need any harsh chemicals to take it off. All eyes will be on you as you glide regally through the crowds at Halloween parties or any other occasions that let you release your inner vixen.

Red Nail Polish & Lip Stick Details:

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