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Rainbow Sock Monkey Costume For Toddlers

Rainbow Sock Monkey Costume For Toddlers

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Rainbow Sock Monkey Costume For Toddlers
For some strange reason, sock monkeys have intermittently become popular, but this rainbow sock monkey costume for toddlers will make sure everyone thinks at least one sock monkey is cute for the long haul. This multi-colored outfit looks exactly like the sock monkeys you”ve grown to love or get annoyed at, but the difference of having your little toddler inside of this one means you have little choice but to love the monkey! Everyone is trying to think of a creative Halloween costume idea for their little one, and if you opt for this outfit, you can bet you”ll have one of the most original.

  • Includes: The Rainbow Sock Monkey Costume For Toddlers includes a multi-colored snap close inseam jumpsuit with tail and a matching hood with a monkey face.
  • Does not include: Socks.
  • Material: Polyester.

Keep the tradition alive

Sock monkeys have been around since the 1930s, and your little one can make sure they stay just as popular as they always have been. The best part is that you don”t have to worry about sewing or stuffing this sock monkey. In fact, you very well might end up with the easiest-constructed sock monkey in the world. Of course, this is only if your toddler doesn”t give you a hard time putting their costume on!

Easy come, easy go

You”ve likely seen those unfortunate parents who have to go through an entire ordeal when removing their toddler”s costume for a diaper change. Fortunately, this is one issue you won”t have to worry about. Since this little jumpsuit can easily unsnap, changing the little monkey”s diaper couldn”t be easier!

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