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Rainbow Colored Unicorn Mask

Rainbow Colored Unicorn Mask

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Rainbow Colored Unicorn Mask
Long considered mythical creatures who never roamed any grasslands beyond those of the imagination, recent unicorn sightings have us thinking otherwise, thanks to this Rainbow Colored Unicorn Mask. The one-horned creatures of yore will be spotted all over town, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they have been exposed to the world. In addition to us discovering that they for real, it appears they have rainbow head coloring. That will be a great conversation starter at your next Halloween party, costume party, rave, or fantasy convention. Hey, why not throw a theme party that”s centered around celebrating creatures from various mythologies? Show your creative side and come up with a suitably colored outfit to match the mask and delve completely into your role. Your mission is to create fun and hilarity wherever you go, fair rainbow unicorn, so mask up and get to work that magic!

  • Includes: The Rainbow Colored Unicorn Mask includes one molded latex full head mask with a synthetic hair mane. Nostrils serve as eye openings for limited vision.
  • Material: Latex

Defying what we thought we knew about unicorns

We have always been told that unicorns are by nature extraordinarily shy and impossible find out in the wild. This fun and visually intriguing costume mask will change all that. When you get ready to party the night away, you will be happily viewing the festivities through the magical beast”s nostrils. What better way to get in the spirit of celebration? Get ready to live the unicorn dream!

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