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Pretty Angel Wings Child

Pretty Angel Wings Child

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Pretty Angel Wings Child
When you dress your child in this Pretty Angel Wings Child accessory, it will be the finishing touch to make your little angel truly look the part. Imagine her floating through her next costume party as a heavenly messenger, strumming a harp beneath her own halo.

  • These sheer angel wings won”t hide the back of your child”s dress.
  • They”re decorated with a silver feather print in glittering wire, and edged with a soft, fluffy marabou trim.
  • The wire in the wings gives them lots of structure, so you don”t have to worry about them losing their heavenly lift.
  • Pair them with a long white tunic for a simple angel costume, or go all-out with a fluffy marabou halo and a long, flowing dress.
  • Includes: Wings.
  • Does not include: Dress or halo.

Angels are messengers from heaven, and many people believe they bring protection of special messages during times of need. All angels are easily identified by their wings and, in most cases, halos.

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