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Power Rangers Dino Charge: Gloves For Kids

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Gloves For Kids

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Power Rangers Dino Charge: Gloves For Kids
The White Ranger in the Dino Charge series has some awesome powers that come in handy when you”re trying to save the world. With the Power Rangers Dino Charge: Gloves for Kids, your child will be one step closer to looking like his favorite Ranger.

  • Includes: One pair of white gloves with silver trim.
  • Does not include: White Dino Gem.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Size: One-size fits most children.
  • This is an officially licensed Power Rangers product.

Mighty morphin” fun

The White Dino Ranger is a super speedy guy, thanks to his all-powerful Dino Gem. He can reach superhuman speeds as a Ranger, which helps him catch up to foes easier. When he”s a plain old civilian, he still has some cool abilities. He can camouflage himself in with any background, helping him hide from enemies when needed or spy on them. These Power Rangers Dino gloves won”t give your child superpowers, but he can pretend to be this powerful hero while wearing the whole outfit. Just remind him that running at superhuman speeds isn”t really recommended in the house!

Party like a Power Ranger

Your child doesn”t have to wait for Halloween to roll around before putting on these Power Ranger gloves. He can wear them while watching his favorite show, or put together a whole White Dino Ranger costume for Power Ranger birthday parties. It”s even better if he has four other friends to dress up as the other Rangers!

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