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Pop Star 80s Wig w/Bow

Pop Star 80s Wig w/Bow

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Pop Star 80s Wig w/Bow
“Holiday”, “Lucky Star”, “Like a Virgin”, and so many other hits conjure up memories of black lace, key earrings, and of course the famous (or infamous) Madonna! Never before had net off-the-shoulder shirts and torn black tights set off such a fashion frenzy. Unleash your inner Material Girl for the ever-popular 80’s themed parties and school auctions. Surely you still have a few pairs of jeans with zippers at the ankles? How about fingerless lace gloves? But with a vibrant, blond pop star with complete with a removable black bow, you really will be on a full blown, “Back to the Future” 80’s “Holiday”!

  • Not recommended for Material Girls under the age of 4.
  • Washable so no need to worry if your neon make-up runs.

Even 30 years after she first emerged as a top selling artist, Madonna is still wildly popular. Pop stars come and go, but Madonna has an almost cult-like following that just doesn’t seem to be losing any steam. Maybe you’re “Like a Virgin” when it comes to dressing in the 80’s style, but this Pop Star 80″s Wig w/Bow will make you want to pick up that karaoke microphone and “Get into the Groove”!!

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