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Police Accessory Kit

Police Accessory Kit

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Police Accessory Kit
You”ll definitely want to be on your best behavior whenever your little tyke uses his Police Accessory Kit, because he or she will be on a mission to protect the peace. Sure, he gets into trouble on occasion, but when he”s decked out on his police uniform, it”s all business. Whether she”s playing make believe or getting ready to patrol the streets on Halloween night, your little cop will have a blast whenever she”s equipped with the accessories from this awesome police kit. Watch out, because when your little man is on duty, he won”t let you or your family get away with anything!

  • Includes: The Police Accessory Kit includes handcuffs, flashlight, badge, knife, walkie talkie, whistle, and baton.
  • Does not include: Belt, pants, sunglasses shirt or shoes.
  • Material: 100% plastic.

This arresting costume will steal your heart

Your young policeman may not be able to join the force for another two decades, but until then, she can get plenty of practice with the help of her accessory kit. First, he will need to undergo his own version of police training. From there, he will be charged with the important job of keeping the peace among his friends and siblings. This is definitely not an easy job, but this aspiring policeman is definitely up to the task! Once her costume is complete, she”ll spend all of his time on the job, making sure that each and every family member is abiding by the rules.

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