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Pirate Accessory Kit

Pirate Accessory Kit

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Pirate Accessory Kit
Landlubbers best beware when your wee little pirate comes ashore, because once he”s equipped with the items featured in the Pirate Accessory Kit, he will be ready to take on the most menacing of enemies. The kit features several essential pirate accessories, several of which are adorned with skull and crossbones designs. A sword, telescope and hook will help your little buccaneer achieve his piratey dreams — and the accompanying eye patch, ring, earring and head sash will help him look his best along the way.

  • Includes: The Pirate Accessory Kit includes a sword, head sash, hook, telescope, coins, pouch, eye patch, earring, and ring.
  • Does not include: Pants, shirt or shoes
  • Material: Costume is 100% polyester; accessories are 100% plastic.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate”s life for me

Pirates are typically not thought of as fashion mavens, and yet, they seem to have a thing for accessorizing. This may seem a bit odd, but hen again, the proper accessories can help a successful pirate prove that he has successfully uncovered buried treasure. This kit is chock full of essentials, all of which can be used to convince doubters that your child is, in fact, a true blue pirate capable of causing terror on the seven seas. Once he”s dressed up in his completed pirate costume, your adorable buccaneer will be convinced that nothing can stop him from finding and retrieving buried treasure. Don”t get in the way of his quest, or you just might find yourself walking the plank!

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