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Pinocchio Nose

Pinocchio Nose

Our Price: $3.95

Reg Price: $5.00

Pinocchio Nose
Does your nose know the difference between the truth and a lie? If you”re Pinocchio, you don”t have to even ask! If you”re going to dress up as everyone”s favorite puppet come to life, you need this mask! Our Pinocchio Nose mask comes in flesh-tone and is just for covering the nose.

There are elastics attached to the mask for easy wearing and comfort! But that”s not the best part! This comes with a really long nose, looking the way Pinocchio would right after telling a really big lie! So don”t lie down! Grab this Pinocchio Nose today!

Pinocchio Nose Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Halloween Masks

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