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Pink Felt Fairytale Crown

Pink Felt Fairytale Crown

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Pink Felt Fairytale Crown
No regal costume can ever be considered complete without the proper headgear, and the princess outfit is no exception! Royal figures have been wearing crowns and tiaras throughout history for thousands of years to show their elevated status. It”s a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece and the ornamental headdresses that kings, goddesses and leaders wore to identify themselves.

  • Includes: One felt pink princess crown.
  • Does not include: Any items of clothing or any other accessories.
  • Material: 100% chemical polyester fiber.

Rule the realm

Today, crowns can be worn along with a wand, wings, a sparkly gown and glittery shoes to give your little princess the perfect royal outfit for any occasion. And with the Pink Felt Fairy Tale Crown, she can rule over any land she sees! With its attractive lattice-style design, this accessory is straightforward rather than glitter-covered or jewel-encrusted, giving it an elegant simplicity. This regal crowning glory can help set the imagination alight. And she doesn”t just have to be a princess – she can be queen of the ream if she wants to be! Whichever fairy tale, Disney or other character she chooses to be, she”ll have fun lording over the others at the fancy dress party, school or just messing around with her other royal friends at home.

Safety first!

Given the small parts involved with this product, and the potential threat to safety, this pink felt fairy tale crown is not recommended for children younger than three years of age.

Pink Felt Fairytale Crown Details:

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