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Pink Cigarette Holder - Flapper

Pink Cigarette Holder – Flapper

Our Price: $2.95

Reg Price: $4.00

Pink Cigarette Holder – Flapper
Time for some real entertainment, the good ol” fashion way! Every Flapper needs their dazzling accessory to assist in their strides through roaring crowds. This Flapper would be motionless without the Pink Cigarette Holder in the palm of her hand.

She looks sexier and can walk with more grace, because taking puffs out of her Flapper Pink Cigarette Holder makes life quite an ease. Cause a scene and be the reason people come to the show at all, as the most acclaimed Flapper, holding this pink, long stick, Flapper Cigarette Holder. Give this woman a light!

Pink Cigarette Holder – Flapper Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Halloween Props

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