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Pet Black Afro Wig

Pet Black Afro Wig

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Pet Black Afro Wig
The 1970s — disco rose, funk and soul reigned, and the timeless afro-natural look took heads by storm worldwide. Now, you can bring your groovy pooch or radical cat along to your next theme party or Halloween outing in true “70s style with this Pet Black Afro Wig. You could even gather your friends for a full blown pets-and-family disco party at the local dog park

  • Includes one tactfully teased and perfectly poofy faux pet afro wig for your canine or feline companion. Our pet afro is made of 100% hand-washable polyacrylonitrile, and sized to fit a variety of furry heads.
  • Make sure to fit it snugly on your far out friend, and always supervise your pets while wearing costumes, loose pet clothing or unleashing the funk.

For a full motif, pair the wig with some classic shades, a pick or three, and a costume for yourself as well — like leisure for him, or a miniskirt for her.

Pet Black Afro Wig Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Classic

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