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Orange Colored Grease Paint

Orange Colored Grease Paint

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Orange Colored Grease Paint
A costume of any kind can take you only so far. To take your Halloween ensemble to the next level and lend an air of authenticity as well as illusion, makeup is often required, so add this Orange Colored Grease Paint to your costume and accessories kit to make your transformation complete, whether it”s for Halloween or a play or any other artistic performance! This 6-ounce container of orange base makeup applies with ease and will wash off with soap and water or makeup remover when the night is over.

  • Includes: One 6-ounce container of orange base makeup
  • Material: Washable grease

Orange you glad you found this?

Orange base makeup is the first layer to complete your unique cat or tiger visage. This vibrant shade of orange grease paint is professional quality, similar to what you would find in a backstage makeup artist”s kit. This vivid orange would also be a great base for a pumpkin! It can help with the shading necessary to create a lion”s face, and can even be used to get the look of the Annoying Orange!

Build your makeup kit!

Owning a set of colors like this orange grease paint will make it a pleasure to create your own Halloween looks. You may even find other people want you to do the makeup for their costumes, too. Orange is a color you need in your makeup arsenal! Be sure to add a makeup sponge to your purchase in order to help distribute the color evenly over the skin.

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