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Nurse Accessory Kit

Nurse Accessory Kit

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Nurse Accessory Kit
Why do parents always want their children to be doctors and nurses? It”s not only for the pay, which is pretty good, of course. It”s for the social approval and the moral benefits they learn by helping others. The Nurse Accessory Kit starts them out the right way with play that leads to a more meaningful dialogue about what she really wants to do with her life.

  • Includes: The Nurse Accessory Kit includes one stethoscope, clamp, monitor, and tray.
  • Does not include: top or skirt.
  • Material: 100% PP Plastic

Everything checks out fine

Kids see doctors on TV and in the movies all the time. They represent all the things that kids admire, like respect and the magical power to cure. Encourage her curiosity with costume accessories that are both adorably pink and eminently practical. She”ll need a heart monitor to make sure her stuffed bunny has come out all right after a terrible fright. She”ll need the stethoscope to see if the wicked witch has grown a good heart. The clamp can secure a cast on the arm of her doll when she has a bad fall. Imaginative play as a nurse will bring her many hours of creative and educational play.

The future of healthcare

From a practical standpoint, there is a rapidly growing need for nurses and healthcare professionals in the world. If you are supportive of her desires from an early age, she can get a head start on discovering her passion. She may end up a surgeon, a dentist or a vet, but right now and for the foreseeable future, this nurse kit will be one of your best investments in the future.

Nurse Accessory Kit Details:

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