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Night Nurse Costume For Women

Night Nurse Costume For Women

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Night Nurse Costume For Women
Men will be tripping over themselves to go to the hospital just to see you strutting your stuff in the Night Nurse Costume for Women. Not only will wearing this retro nurse”s outfit increase the pulses of your patients, it almost makes a classy fashion statement!

  • Includes: A retro-style white knit nurse dress with red button front closure, faux pockets, nurse hat, belt, capelet, and “Nurse Marian A. Docta” nameplate.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester

Speed up the Florence Nightingale effect!

It”s been said that many patients feel an emotional bond with their female nurses and eventually fall in love with them. This costume takes out the “eventually” part of that statement and replaces it with “instantly.” That”s how good you will look in this shapely, sexy outfit, which accentuates your curves and will have patients begging for a check-up. People will be lining the hospital waiting rooms and running to get health insurance, whatever they can do to get a full checkup from you. So be careful when wearing this outfit, because you”ll have men faking injuries and pouring out their hearts and emotions.

The ultimate caretaker!

Everyone has that stubborn friend who is afraid to try something. Well, that won”t be a problem when you wear this costume. Whether you are giving out Robitussin, spoonfuls of sugar, or even telling men to eat an adequate number of vegetables, they will follow you blindly while hoping beyond hope for a kiss!

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