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Natural Leopard Costume For Kids

Natural Leopard Costume For Kids

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Natural Leopard Costume For Kids
Plenty of little girls dress up as cats for Halloween, but if your child wants to take the feline concept to the next level, she is the ideal candidate for this lovely leopard costume. While wearing the stylish Natural Leopard Costume For Kids, she will stalk her prey, just as she has seen real leopards do on Animal Planet. This gorgeous outfit combines the sleek appearance of a real leopard with the chic digs of a true fashionista. It”s also super comfy, so your little leopard shouldn”t be too surprised when her friends, siblings and parents approach her again and again for hugs.

  • Includes: The Natural Leopard Costume For Kids includes a spotted dress with tail and furry fringe, matching hood and black fuzzy boot covers.
  • Does not include: tights or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

This leopard costume is pawsitively adorable!

While lions, tigers and bears get all the attention in the animal kingdom, the ferocious, carnivorous Leopard is extremely underrated. The leopard is no ordinary kitty; it has the agility, speed and, of course, sharp teeth necessary to take down some of the world”s swiftest animals. Your little leopard might not be quite as vicious as her furry, four-legged counterpart, but she possesses an inner spark reminiscent of this spotted predator. She”s a fashionista in the making, however, so she won”t settle for anything less than being runway-ready in her costume. She wants the fierce exterior of a deadly predator and the perfect coordination of a style maven.

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