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Native American Tribal Headdress

Native American Tribal Headdress

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Native American Tribal Headdress
The Native American Tribal Headdress is the perfect addition to the Native American Princess costume. You can also use this fabulous headdress with other types of costumes, such as Tribal Chief or Medicine woman. The glorious feathers highlight your natural beauty and add a stunning effect to your outfit.

  • Includes: A turquoise, black and white feather Native American headdress

  • Does not include: Costume.

  • Material: 100% feather.

  • One size fits most adults.

Share a spiritual and enlightening experience

Gather around the fire pit for intriguing stories of days gone by. Listen to the elders tell their stories, or tell a few tales yourself. Contact the animal spirits for guidance and enlightenment. Find your personal animal spirit guide. There is nothing as enriching as a spiritual journey into the mystical world of the ancients. Learn from their wisdom and spread a bit of your own knowledge. We all learn from one another. We all have something to teach, as well. With this headdress on, you might just find yourself struck by a wisdom that has hitherto lay dormant!

Ain”t no party like a wilderness party

Once you are fully spiritually enriched, it”s time to hit the bar scene in the concrete jungle. Rock all night as the beautiful Pocahontas, Tiger Lily or any famous Native Princess of your choice. You are sure to attract plenty of attention with this fabulous headdress. It stands quite tall, so be aware of low ceilings. Also use caution in wet or windy weather as this may damage the feathers. Other than that, have a ball!

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