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Minecraft Enderman Costume Head For Adults

Minecraft Enderman Costume Head For Adults

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Minecraft Enderman Costume Head For Adults
The Minecraft Enderman Costume Head for Adults gives you a chance to dress up as one of these creepy, teleporting creatures. You won”t have spooky glowing eyes, but you will have one big blocky head. All you need to complete the look is a completely black outfit, and you”ll be all set!

  • Includes: One box mask.
  • Does not include: Shirt.
  • Material: Paper.
  • Size: One-size fits most adults.
  • This is an officially licensed Minecraft product.

Now you see them, now you don”t

The Enderman float around Minecraft boards wreaking havoc with players who are just trying to build up their worlds. These teleportation experts, which are based on Internet legend the Slenderman, randomly pick up blocks and attack the main character. Winning a staring contest with these eerie beings usually makes them go away. You won”t be able to magically teleport with this Minecraft costume head on, but you can have fun creeping up behind party guests and startling them. Just don”t try to outstare them!

Nothing boring about this box

While the Enderman Head is little more than a box with eyes on it, anyone who plays Minecraft will know what you are. The Enderman are a favorite among Minecraft players, despite all the trouble they cause. You can wear the costume head and dress in black from neck to toe to truly resemble one of these creepy characters. Just work on wandering around the room slowly and aimlessly or silently sneaking up on people, and you”ll really be in character!

Minecraft Enderman Costume Head For Adults Details:

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