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Mens Mad Scientist Lab Coat

Mens Mad Scientist Lab Coat

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Mens Mad Scientist Lab Coat
The Mens Mad Scientist Lab Coat is the perfect costume to get crazy in the lab or mix alcoholic chemicals behind the bar at a Halloween party. This plain white coat is perfect for every malevolent mastermind character from manic medics to neurotic nuclear scientists, or evil engineers. Just make sure to pay close attention when doing your experiments; you don”t want them to backfire and transform you into something horrific.

  • Includes: One white lab coat.
  • Does not include: Shirt, tie, pants, shoes or props.
  • Material: 100% Woven Polyester.
  • Sizing: One-size fits most.

From the quirky to the truly deranged

Mad scientists have been a feature of popular culture ever since Mary Shelley”s Dr. Frankenstein sewed body parts together to create his iconic monster. You”ll find mad scientists in classic cartoons like Dexter”s Laboratory, singing in Joss Whedon”s Dr. Horrible, or creating havoc in coming books like Dr. Death. Or maybe you”d rather be a quirky scientist than a totally mad one, think Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Dr. Frank “n” Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, or sweet little Dr. Bunsen from Sesame Street. Whether your scientist is lovably eccentric or totally bonkers, the Mens Mad Scientist Lab Coat is the perfect way to create your deranged genius look.

Break out the pocket protectors; it”s time to experiment

This Halloween, hit a few parties to search for willing victim subjects for your experiments. Lure them back to your lab with the promise of scientifically inspired cocktails, and then show them the true scope of your research.

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