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Mens Gauze Zombie Costume

Mens Gauze Zombie Costume

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Mens Gauze Zombie Costume
ThereÕs a lot of zombies running around nowadays (in some case literally), but IÕm a simple man and I like simply things and I like bringing things back to a simpler time. The Men”s Gauze Zombie Costume is just that. ItÕs got all of the fixings that make zombies great, with a slight nod towards classic horror fair like “White Zombie. ItÕs not loud or gaudy and thatÕs why itÕs so darn creepy.

The Men”s Gauze Zombie Costume comes with a hooded robe, tattered gauze pull-over, and a rope belt. Whether youÕre dining on human flesh or simply starting some kind of a voodoo cult, this costume is the look you need.

Mens Gauze Zombie Costume Details:

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Theme Horror Costumes

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