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Marv the Monkey Infant Bunting Costume

Marv the Monkey Infant Bunting Costume

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Marv the Monkey Infant Bunting Costume
Is your little baby already one for showing signs of wanting to monkey around? Then the Marv the Monkey Infant Bunting Costume is most assuredly the perfect costume for this little rambunctious one. You”ll be quite pleased with how the comfortable swaddle will envelop your infant, and the adorable Marv the Monkey hat will be the perfect headpiece to keep your baby”s head warm.

  • Includes: The Marv the Monkey Infant Bunting Costume includes knit swaddle and hat.
  • Material: 100% polyester

Only the coolest (and cutest) little monkey ever

This costume is an iconic sock monkey image that many recognize and love, and while you baby may be too young to know about Marv the Monkey, there will be no denying the comfort he or she feels when contained within this comfortable swaddle. Like a loving mother monkey”s arms, your infant will sleep peacefully and relax comfortably, saving up all that energy for when he or she can really start to monkey around!

Get those cameras ready

Everybody loves monkeys, and the only thing they might love more is your baby in his or her sock monkey costume. Make sure your infant has plenty of time to pose for pictures, because everyone will want to capture a photograph of this adorable little monkey. And of course you”ll want to remember your little sock monkey is his costume as well, because no doubt it will be the cutest sock monkey you”ve ever seen!

Marv the Monkey Infant Bunting Costume Details:

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