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Little Indian Toddler Costume

Little Indian Toddler Costume

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Little Indian Toddler Costume
Whenever most think of early American history, they envision patriots and George Washington, but this little Indian toddler costume will bring back stark reminders of what the early American frontier was really all about! While other little girls are running around as Elsa from Frozen, your tyke will be representing the earliest princesses to call America home. The brown dress of this costume features beautiful Indian art, and the entirety of the outfit brings back a uniquely Native American feel.

  • Includes: The Little Indian Toddler Costume includes a brown dress with blue fringes and indian art, a headpiece with felt feathers, and fringed boot covers.
  • Materials: Polyester.

Costume ideas galore

While there”s no doubt that your little princess could roll into her next Halloween party with the average, run-of-the-mill Indian outfit, she could also really stand out as something more. For instance, do you have a stuffed raccoon lying around? If so, she”s got her own personal Meeko and can perfectly pull off a Pocahontas outfit. Look at that — she can still show up as a Disney princess, and it”s one with more staying power than Elsa could ever hope for!

Go all out

If your little one has a few friends who want to collaborate on costumes, you can really impress everyone at the Halloween party. Have a couple of kids” parents dress them up as early explorers, and all of a sudden, your little girl is none other than Sacagawea. Does she have a little boy friend who has taken a liking to her? Maybe he could dress up as a cowboy and they could go as an early-American Romeo and Juliet. The possibilities are endless!

Little Indian Toddler Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Native American Indian

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