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Lime Green Fuzzy Wig

Lime Green Fuzzy Wig

Our Price: $9.99

Reg Price: $25.00

Lime Green Fuzzy Wig
If youÕre going to make a silly wig, you had best make it this color. The Lime Green Fuzzy Wig is a ridiculous combination of the Ôfro and that weird lime jell-o your aunt makes for Thanksgiving that nobody eats but you take a spoonful of it anyways to be polite (maybe that second-half is just me). Anyways, itÕs a funny wig. If youÕre a clown, youÕre some kind of a member of a clown gang, or a troll or just a guy who lost a low-stakes bet this bad boy will deliver.

If you love funny accessories and having a good time on Halloween then thereÕs no better place to start than with the Lime Green Fuzzy Wig! ItÕs fun, itÕs fuzzy, itÕs everything a hairpiece could be and more!

Lime Green Fuzzy Wig Details:

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Theme Funny Masks

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