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Lace Fan 9" Black

Lace Fan 9" Black

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Lace Fan 9" Black
This Lace Fan 9″ (Black) makes an excellent and flirty addition to any costume, whether you”re a shy and beautiful Southern belle cooling off on the veranda in the height of summer, a smoking-hot flamenco dancer after a caliente performance on the dance floor, the otherworldly and glamorous vampiress of Versailles in search of your next victim or even a mysterious and seductive geisha. This charming black lace fan would complement a range of costumes, from queens to courtesans and everything in between! Flirt the night away by holding the fan close to your face to partly cover your winks and smiles, your laughs, blushes and smoldering eyes. No man will be able to resist you!

  • The Lace Fan 9″ is available in black lace.
  • It features delicate black lace intricately overlaid in gorgeous layers on a sturdy black plastic base, optimal for carrying as a prop or cooling yourself off.
  • Includes: Fan.

The first folding fans were introduced to Europe by merchants from China and Japan and were once reserved for royalty and the nobility and were regarded as status symbols.

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