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Killer Klown Makeup Kit

Killer Klown Makeup Kit

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Killer Klown Makeup Kit
If you truly want to discover some of your friends” most hidden and secret fears, dress up as a frightening clown and test out the Killer Klown Makeup Kit. Bring along some floating balloons while trying out your scariest gravelly voice, and you will soon witness their terror of childhood movie memories brought to life. Not all people”s fear of clowns comes from books and movies, however. Some people just find the painted on clown smile to be extra creepy, alongside the sadness of the haunted eyes that hide untold depths of horrific terror potential.

  • Includes: Tattoo sheet with a mouth and cracks, three makeup colors and sponge.
  • Materials: Face paint.

Scary clowns bring dismay and gloom to formerly happy children

In order to complete the killer clown costume for your next gruesome gathering, pair up your scary clown makeup with a faded and possibly torn clown costume that has lost its initial luster. Floppy old shoes with loose soles and a bright red wig in disarray will make your devious clown costume have that uneasy feeling that shakes people to the core. If you are going for the blood and gore, go ahead and bring that fake blood stained axe along as well, and watch your otherwise easygoing friends head for the hills in fright. While clowns are traditionally known to bring joy to families and young children, your creepy clown visage will only evoke screams that will fill the Halloween night air.

Killer Klown Makeup Kit Details:

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