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Kids Psycho Teddy Bear Costume

Kids Psycho Teddy Bear Costume

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Kids Psycho Teddy Bear Costume
Stanley Kubrick demonstrated this convincingly in his short shot of the bear costume in The Shining. Who can ever forget that creepy bear? This Kids Psycho Teddy Bear Costume is just creepy enough to be downright hilarious. Don this funny, grotesque bear mask for mad pranks, Halloween hilarity and other costume fun. Create funny, creepy video and pics for endless storytelling fun at home or around the campfire.

  • Includes: The Kids Psycho Teddy Bear Costume includes a blue flannel shirt with faux fur, fur gloves, and one creepy looking furry bear mask.
  • Does not include: Pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

Be a hungry bear

For pranks in the campground, appear outside tents and make growling sounds, making sleepers shriek and scream with delight and horror. Tell your own horror story and edit it together using your smartphone or tablet. What kind of character can you create using this campy, creepy piece? Fur gloves complete the look and make for more dramatic shots. Let your imagination run wild — wild like the bears.

Have fun with it

Don”t take this scary bear mask too seriously. This fun prop is for the family or group that loves humor, laughs and poking fun at the gristly and grotesque. Mash it up with a variety of themes and characters to make a unique statement at costume events, cosplay parties, or fantasy or science fiction conferences any night of the year. But don”t forget Halloween! You”ll have the most inventive costume on the block and the other kids will run screaming leaving all the candy for you, the marauding bear.

Kids Psycho Teddy Bear Costume Details:

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