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Kids Pilgrim Boy Costume

Kids Pilgrim Boy Costume

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Kids Pilgrim Boy Costume
Suit up in this Kids Pilgrim Boy”s costume and travel back through time to early American life to experience the thrill of building a nation from the ground up. Learn about life as an early settler of America seeking religious freedom and economic security. What was life like for those early English colonists, and what kind of life did they leave behind them in Europe? Encourage your child to ask and answer important questions like that when they participate as an early pilgrim and learn about the challenges and opportunities that the New World offered.

  • Includes: The Kids Pilgrim Boy Costume includes a black top with white cuffs, a white collar, black knickers, shoe buckles and a hat.
  • Does not include: Tights or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

A new land

America was a new world with foods, animal species and other new elements that amazed the early settlers. Read about the accounts of early American settlers, and see the new world through their eyes: a strange, exotic, undeveloped land of vast proportions and filled with strange animals, plants and land forms. Travel from the settlement deeper into the land, as pioneers and others would do in the years that followed. Learn about the customs, laws and practices of these early settlers, and what type of clothing they wore — like this costume.

Suit up

Learning is best when its hands-on, and this pilgrims costume will help children understand and learn about their cultural legacy. Inhabit this real story of exploration, adventure and discovery, as you set sail for the new world and land in a magical land of unbelievable potential.

Kids Pilgrim Boy Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Historical

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